by New Assemblage 10–27.03.2022

65 × 45 × # cm
Aluminium Sheet, Southern Ice Porcelain, LED, Linen Electrical Cord

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Moodlight, 2022 explores the transformative quality of light and its affect on material. By using juxtaposing mediums, porcelain and aluminium, the piece highlights the unique expression of each material. The translucency of the porcelain sheet emits a soft glow, while the reflective nature of the polished aluminium refracts light onto its surrounds. The treatment of both materials allows for a harmonious conversation, both malleable in nature the porcelain is softly folded while the aluminium is crumpled brashly. The object blurs the lines between art and utility, a functional lamp and sculpture in its own right, facilitating an emotional and sensory response to light.

Belle Thierry is a Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga) based visual artist whose practice incorporates elements of ceramics, sculpture, and mixed media. A recent graduate from RMIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) at RMIT, her work juxtaposes mediums such as ceramic and metal to convey narrative and explore material affect on light, shadow, and space. Materiality is a critical aspect of Thierry’s practice—each material chosen is shown in its most authentic state, highlighting its integral qualities, and not detracting from the beauty of its own temperament.

122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy 3065, @new.assemblage
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122 Gertude Street, Fitzroy 3065