No.1 (2021)

Aluminium (Roller blind extrusion), Plywood (offcut), Acrylic (office diffuser panel), Polyester (offcut)
45 x 45 x 30 cm

In 2021, we began preliminary explorations into using waste material salvaged from office construction sites. This piece is part of an ongoing residency project aimed at exploring dimension, construction and application. Paying little or no attention to the perceived quality, apprarance and functionality of the material.  

This piece is a stool but really it's not very functional. The prism material looks nice but actually it’s prickly and would hurt to sit on. The construction of the corner joints probably won't stand up to much weight. And the aluminium cross bar looks like it's holding those sides together, right?  But really it's just shoved in there with no fixing to keep it in place. I’m not entirely sure the whole piece wouldn't collapse with a strong gust of wind or a kick. 
Cordon Salon (Ella Saddington)
Cordon Salon is a Melbourne-based interdisciplinary creative studio focused on experimentation, collaboration, and play to explore concepts and practices within art and design. The studio primarily focuses on the creation of finely crafted limited edition, collectable design or functional art. Centring their practice on exposing methods, processes and tools that may be undiscovered, underestimated, forgotten or overlooked.

Since its founding in 2018 by Ella Saddington, the studio has developed work for a local and international clientele. Exhibited experimental work as part of numerous group shows for Alt.Material, Friends & Associates and At the Above Gallery. Along with Solo shows at Sophie Gannon Gallery (2021) and Compound Interest Gallery (2019).

IG: @cordonsalon

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