by New Assemblage 10–27.03.2022

Sweet Horseshoe
19.5 × 15 × 11 cm
Ceramic, Underglaze, Glaze, Gold Lustre

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Bendy Blue Velvet
19.5 × 15 × 11 cm
Ceramic, Underglaze, Glaze

$380 Enquire →

Having flowers in the home is a visual reminder about the delicate, shared environment we live in, while also being an act of taking. Creating vases with distinctive silhouettes and highly worked design makes way for a collector/collaborator to consider how to work with these features, and by extension consider where their flowers are coming from. Through organic balance, these vessels use layered glazing techniques that lead to unpredictable results in how colour is revealed, with matte and glossed details on an expressive body. They reflect the idea of perfection and imperfection being concepts that don’t exist in or apply to nature.

Elizabeth Lewis is an artist based on Eora land in Sydney, Australia, and a recent graduate of Fine Arts Hons from UNSW Art + Design. She works with hand-built ceramics, fired many times over for rich colour and differing texture, to create stylised, sugary vessels that engage with transformative symbols. The silhouettes of these forms leave room for ideas of projected floral architecture as if in collaboration with a future owner. An artist in residence at Experimental Ceramic Studios, she has been a finalist in multiple art prizes and exhibited across Australia and in Milan, Italy.

122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy 3065, @new.assemblage
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122 Gertude Street, Fitzroy 3065