Bent Wood Chair
by Georgia Weitenberg

Southern Mahogany (Stained and Waxed)
85x50x50 cm

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Bent Wood Chair is an ironic one-liner. A wry description of exactly what is perceived, and by allusion, everything the chair is not when a Thonet Bentwood is the measure. Like something from a doll house, made life size, this piece is an exploration of the aesthetics and materiality of scale, and how the objects from our childhood condition our ideals of domesticity and taste. It explores the strangeness of rescaling forms designed in miniature to macro scale – leaving everything odd and uneven. Bent Wood Chair is an uncanny mix of modernist & vernacular styles and distorted proportions which challenge conventional taste and imbue it with its own peculiar charm. It combines the precision of machine fabrication with the character and nostalgia of an archetypal, craft-style chair to reimagine an object for the home in 2021. It is a gentle reminder in these times to embrace the unexpected, the incongruous and capricious…or something like that.
Georgia Weitenberg 
Georgia Weitenberg is a Newcastle based furniture designer with formal training at the University of Tasmania Furniture School in Launceston. This backdrop of industry and craft has come to inform her evolving practice which balances innovation with tradition. Georgia’s humanistic approach to design imbues her work with a warmth and familiarity, that combined with her unique exploration of form and function, instils each piece with its own inherent narrative and the poetics of daily life. In 2018 Georgia was selected as a finalist in the Denfair Front/Centre showcase of emerging designers.

IG : @georgiaariel  

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