by Jay Jermyn

Frosted Glass, Aluminium, Acrylic, LED, Slate
96h x 24w x 6d cm

$3200.00 AUD

By compiling objects that have material contrast (glass, slate and aluminium) a palpable tension between delicacy and robustness ensues. While these materials are hard their connection elicits a feeling of material uncertainty. Slates strength, for example, seems at odds to the fragility of glass, this work offers a representation of nature that implies a balance of fragility and function—but only slightly so.
Jay Jermyn

Jay Jermyn a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and musician based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Jay graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media majoring in 3d Design from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Gold Coast in 2017. Jay’s work is guided by principles of industrial design and influenced by the relationship between themes of nature, the built environment, the internet and electronic music. As a result the works are frequently layered, collaged and spliced together with the aim of creating multiple focal points, picture planes, and ways of looking and listening.


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