Double, Extra (2021)
by Jordan Fleming

Steel, sculpting plaster, pigment, gold leaf
130h x 30w x 50d cm

$1200.00 AUD SOLD

Double, Extra wants to be your opulent dramatic, dancing creature that has naturally emerged from A Life on our planet and could scurry away with your belongings at any moment. Four gnarled and twisted legs gracefully support two oddly shaped domes, adorned in gold leaf. Teetering on the edge of being conspicuously kitsch, before convincing one that it is deeply beyond. Contrary to what may appear as a lack of evolution Double, Extra's structure is complex. Its instantaneous sketch origins refined and worked into slightly more manageable bends form a rigid steel frame encased within its fluid sculptured shape. Beneath its auspicious gold coating, Double, Extra's asymmetrical form and texture resemble a look of kneaded dough, an unwary nod to the gilded and heavy moldings of the baroque era. Whilst missing the mark of the detailed elaborate ornamentation of the golden era of furniture making, the sheer amount of unnecessary space it consumes and attention it seeks plays on its aspiration to be an expression of grandeur and desire. By rejecting much respected qualities of subtly, restraint and seamlessness, Double, Extra unashamedly evokes a sensual delight. Leaving questions such as “but, what is it?” respectfully unanswered.

Jordan Fleming

Jordan Fleming is a Sydney based designer and artist. Her experimental designs live in a bright hued world characterised by humour and a playful, wonky asymmetry. Equally influenced by postmodernist design aesthetics and traditional woodworking craftsmanship, Flemings forms are narrative-driven and take on unique personalities of their own. Her explorative process of making is led by an intimate knowledge of materials, often found or harvested herself. With a background in cabinet making and interior design, Fleming splits her time between producing bespoke furniture commissions and conceptually driven exhibition designs.

IG: @_jordanfleming

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