Twisted Coils (2021)
by Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher

Glazed Earthernware 
LARGE (19.5 x 12 cm) $340.00 AUD
SMALL (13 x 9 cm) $280.00 AUD
Twisted Coils is a pairing of glazed ceramic vessels which expand upon the basic technique of coiling. Key to beginners’ clay hand-building, coiling is now often used as a meditative tool within my practice as I consider the trials and tribulations of creating work. The repetitive gesture of rolling clay into coils has become second nature, and the method itself arises within my practice almost inherently, seemingly fragmented with each iteration. In this playful body of work, each long clay tube of varying width is entwined with another, entangled and stacked. Ultimately the stability of the object depends on the placement of each piece, rendering the outcome unique.

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher is a Melbourne based artist with a practice that plays with the conventions associated with craft, installation and basic sculptural principles. Working predominantly with ceramic and mosaic, she explores a conglomerate of trials and tribulations and examines themes around femininity, the imperfection of the hand and the inherent hierarchy of materials. Jordan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in 2015 from Monash University. She has since exhibited in various solo and group shows both locally and internationally, and in in 2018 was an artist in residence at AIRY in Yamanashi, Japan.


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