by New Assemblage 10–27.03.2022

81.5 × 47 × # cm
Aluminium (hammered & sandcast)

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Deep within thorns will grow.
Created through time, no control.
Time taken, stunted growth.
Deep within thorns will grow.

Julian Leigh May (They/Them) is an experimental designer, embracing a broad spectrum of disciplines and mediums within Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Their work transcends the barriers between art and design, from furniture, lighting and object design. Julian aims to create work which redefines the perception of everyday objects, aiming to spark conversation through the combination of narrative, material experimentation and form. Julian is also one half of the creative duo behind misc objet, a collaboration between two friends focusing on building a diverse creative community through collaboration, exploration and curation.

122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy 3065, @new.assemblage
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122 Gertude Street, Fitzroy 3065