by New Assemblage 10–27.03.2022

Dimensioned Chair
63 × 68 × 80 cm
Salvaged Native Hardwoods (mixed)

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This chair was constructed by numerous structural components of a house that stood for more than a 100 years before it was leveled flat and the trees that were felled for these structural members came from old growth forests which grew for up to 400 years. Ironically the timber thrown out from the demolition is replaced by heavily treated fast grown pine trees which aim to emulate the durability and strength of the native hardwoods only to fall short to its predecessor. After avoiding ending up landfill the salvaged timbers were machine finished enough to remove imperfections but still allow the original dimensions to be shown. This work explores an alternative and sustainable direction in design: form following availability. Designing to the availability of natural resources that already exist in the built environment which would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Livio Tobler is a furniture designer and carpenter. Born in Switzerland he migrated to Australia in 1996. Frequent relocations up and down the east coast reflect the oscillation of formal education and occupation that have informed much of his practice. Through combining his two predominant vocations, graphic design and construction, Livio has found a harmonious balance that allows him to stretch concepts and construct experimental objects. He states, “My work is an examination of the different forms that can be yielded from our abundant waste supply and brought back to the showroom floor.” Working mainly with salvaged timber and stone, Livio reintroduces light to the discarded materials, and remind us of the integrity of nature’s resources.

122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy 3065, @new.assemblage
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122 Gertude Street, Fitzroy 3065