‘Rock1 Chime’, 2021
by Real Non-Real

Brushed steel, brushed aluminium, woven cord, pine & white oak


Synonymous with a bygone era where homes were adorned with a ramshackle mix of trinkets, ornaments, and DIY projects made from Better Home and Gardens, wind chimes evoke memories of 90’s suburbia. Activated by swinging the pendulum, Rock1 Chime unleashes a harsh, clangorous percussion… the discordant tune slowing and quietening as the pendulum swings to a gradual halt.
Real Non-Real (Brigitte Owers-Buccanti) 
Brigitte Owers-Buccianti is a Naarm (Melbourne) based multidisciplinary designer, currently completing her Honours in Interior Design at RMIT. After returning from a semester abroad in Detroit, New York & Toronto, she launched her own practice Real Non-Real. Real Non-Real is interested in the performance, rituals, and gestures of the everyday.  Since it’s inception in 2020, the Formosa coat rack has won the Innovative Design awards supported by Tait at the Fringe Furniture Festival 2020 and has been nominated as a finalist in the Furniture Category for the Design Files Awards, 2021. Taking a research approach to design by looking at the inherent narrative of furniture, the poetics of daily life and the spatial relationship between objects and the body, RNR aims to challenge the current notions of furniture.

IG : @realnonreal

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