The Intestine Stool
by Tess Pirrie

Mild steel, Clear coat
35 x 49 x 35 cm

Made to order in Melbourne 
$900.00 AUD                                         Enquire ︎︎︎

Created on a whim when responding to the brief of designing a stool for her Design Process class, Tess created ‘The intestine Stool’. The idea of piece was conceived by exploring the concept of a stool, and not just the furniture type. The piece was created by Analyzing the digestive system, specifically inspired by the shape and role of Intestines in the body. Tess wanted the piece to evoke humour and choose to play on how the process of food moving through intestines ended up in a stool. As too would her design process end up in a stool, though this time for furniture. Although the idea is taboo, the overall piece is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is made from laser cut mild steel and.
Tess Pirrie
Tess Pirrie is a Naarm (Melbourne) based multi-disciplinary artist and designer currently completing her final year in an Associates degree of Furniture Design at RMIT. Tess’ designs focus on playfulness, curiosity and humour. Conscious of todays consumption habits, she aims to create pieces that have never been seen before, not wanting to contribute a saturated market. She aims to create designs that can remain timeless and discourage waste.Whilst honing in her making skills at RMIT, so far she has become a confident metal & woodworker.With a strong passion for Sustainability Tess has also spent a lot of time in the area of material development and to date has created sustainable materials out of Kombucha scoby and seaweed Kelp.

IG : @studiopirrie

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